Probably the most widespread health risk is sunburn. Thailand is near the equator, which means the rays of the sun are powerful and skin can burn quickly and easily.

Of course holidaymakers want to return home with a nice tan, be sure to slap on sunscreen and start your tanning development gradually to build up a foundation. Make sure you drink plenty of water too. Tap water quality varies greatly, even within towns and cities. Most restaurants serve safe bottled water and ice is generally safe to use.

It is recommended when travelling to any foreign destination that you check with your local hospital as to what inoculations or medications you may need for your trip. Thailand does not require any pre-arrival vaccinations, unless you are coming from Africa, then a yellow fever vaccination is usually required.

There is a high risk of malaria and dengue fever on Koh Chang. Aside from any disease they may carry, mosquitoes can be bothersome so wear repellent and long sleeves and trousers when going outside at night.

Pharmacies in Thailand are very well-stocked. However, if you require any specific medication, it’s a good idea to bring an adequate supply with you.

Koh Chang International Clinic: +66 39 551 151
Emergency Medical Service: 0179
Koh Chang Police Station: +66 39 586 191
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