Klong Prao Beach Restaurants

Klong Prao Beach offers a mix of roadside restaurants and plush eateries found in the beach’s many luxury resorts.

Not to be missed is a couple of small restaurants at the entrance of Klong Plu Waterfall. A simple meal of Thai style papaya salad, sticky rice and a roast chicken will give you more than enough energy to explore the nature in the area. In addition to the usual Thai fare, international cuisine like Italian and Indian can also be enjoyed.

Hotels and resorts in this area have reputable restaurants serving fine Thai and Western cuisine. Seafood restaurants are, of course, in great abundance. For those who would like to sample cheap and tasty local fare, look out for ‘tam sang’ (made to order) and ‘som tam’ (spicy papaya salad) stalls. Curry lovers don’t miss authentic Indian food at The Taj, where Indian northern specialties are served.

Plenty of dining options in Klong Prao Beach are on offer. Convenient choices include restaurants and cafés in hotels and resorts. Good value and tasty meals can be had along the roadside, in the shopping plazas, and especially in the area around Klong Plu Waterfall, where a few good ‘made to order’ food stalls, roast chicken and an array of northeastern Thai cuisine like spicy papaya salad and spicy minced pork salad can be enjoyed.

The Taj
Located on the road into Chai Chet at the northern end of Klong Prao Beach, The Taj serves up a wide selection of classic aromatic northern and spicy southern Indian cuisine. House specialties include tandoori chicken, aloo palak and chicken tikka masala.

Sea Breeze
Placed within Koh Chang Tropicana Hotel, Sea Breeze boasts a menu filled with mouthwatering and locally caught seafood. Recommended dishes are tiger prawns and grilled lobster served with a butter and garlic sauce.

Blue Lagoon
Situated on a small lagoon opening onto Klong Prao Beach, Blue Lagoon is home to imaginative recipe selections like shrimp wrapped with noodles and topped with sesame seeds deep-fried with sweet chilli sauce and ‘som tam polamai’ (spicy fruit salad).

Enjoy modern Italian cuisine in a vibrant setting at Sassi, one of Amari Emerald Cove Resort & Spa’s restaurants, where you can share an anti-pasti with friends or linger over a bottle of wine from the extensive cellar with a loved one.

Kati Culinary
A great place to sample a wide range of authentic Thai dishes like ‘tom yum kung’ (hot and sour shrimp soup) and ‘pad thai’ (stir-fried noodles with dried shrimps), Kati Culinary also offer Thai cooking classes for those who wish to master the art of Thai cooking.

Orn Kai Moon
Orn Kai Moon serves up authentic ‘Isan’ (northeastern) food, along with special ‘kai moon’ (rotating grilled chicken) and an impressive choice of spicy salad. This small and lovely restaurant is located before the entrance to Klong Plu waterfall, one of the most popular attractions on Koh Chang.
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